App Information

Concur Mobile: This is the mobile version of Concur. This app will allow you to utilize Optical Character Recognition software to automatically upload receipts and begin expensing transactions. This app is also useful for Approvers to keep up with their approval tasks. 

TripItThis app will act as your personal travel assistant by organizing your travel plans, updating you on flight alerts and allow you to share your plans with others.  Download the free version of TripIt. 

Uber for Business: OUHSC has partnered with Uber for Business in an effort to make your next business ride with Uber seamlessly flow into Concur.  Participation in Uber for Business is completely optional but gives you the benefit of automatically uploading your receipts to Concur as well as being able to easily distinguish your payment methods in the app.  To join OUHSC’s Uber for Business account, please email for more information.