Membership Dues

The following information should be considered prior to processing membership dues payment requests:

1. Institutional memberships (i.e., issued in the University’s name) are allowable and can be paid from all unrestricted, institutional funds. 

2. As a general rule, individual memberships are not allowed. However, there are the following exceptions:

  • University policy provides for payment of individual professional memberships for PPP members and Residents paid only from PPP (CLNOP) and Residency (RSOKC & RSTUL) funds, respectively.
    • Individual “position” memberships (e.g., director, controller, etc.) which are of a transferable nature.  Position memberships are typically issued in the name of the individual currently holding the position being transferable to another individual subsequently holding the same position.  There must be documented evidence of the transferable nature of the membership.  
    • Individual memberships allowed per the specific terms and conditions of a sponsored program, i.e., externally funded grant or contract.