Submitting a Time Sheet (Salaried)


In this video, I will show you how to approve a time sheet for a salaried employee. So again you’ve already seen videos of how to log in to the Time Attendance and Leave system. You’ll navigate to ‘Employee Tasks’ and you’ll go to the ‘Timesheet’. Now I’m looking to approve the timesheet, complete the timesheet for the first bi-weekly pay period, and so that would be from May 31st through June the 13th. So I’ll select that pay period and hit ‘Go’. So you’ll see here that this employee already had 8 hours of leave taken scheduled approved, that was done via the leave request, so it’s already populated on her timesheet, there’s nothing that she needs to do to remember that. Now let’s say that we’re at the end of the second pay period, the second week of the pay period and she actually had some unscheduled leave in here. So let’s say that she had unscheduled leave on the next Monday, June the 8th. As a salaried employee, she can go in and put that on her timesheet herself, so she would just select ‘Leave Taken Unscheduled’ and select 8 hours. And then you can see down here she could select other types of leave, like administrative leave if we close campus due to weather or if she had jury duty, she could put that on her own time sheet. Professional leave is for conferences, if you take time off to go to a conference as part of work, you could report that on your time sheet it just won’t deduct from any balance. So you can see there are other types of leave here that she can note on her timesheet as a salaried employee. But all I want to do here is note this 8 hours of leave take unscheduled on Monday June the 8th. She can save it and then you’ll see what it does here is it populates her paid leave, 8 hours on Monday June the 1st and 8 hours on Monday June the 8th. So the only other thing she needs to do here is select ‘Complete’ and you’ll see that this message pops up. This essentially counts as your signature so review this message and if this is true and correct then you’ll hit ‘OK’. And you’ll see that up here the status of our timesheet went from ‘Not Approved, Not Completed’ to ‘Not Approved, Completed’ because she has done her step to complete her timesheet. 

From here, her supervisor will have the opportunity to review and approve that timesheet and that status will change to ‘Approved’. If her supervisor changes her timesheet, if there was something that she needed to add on there that her supervisor did on her behalf, it would incomplete the timesheet and it would go back through the employee for her to recomplete it and for the supervisor to reapprove it. So it’s really important you work with your supervisor and make sure that all of your time is on your timesheet so that you don’t have to go back through it twice. If the employee themselves decided that they needed to make a change, you could hit this button that says ‘Remove Complete’. Let’s say she remember “oh, you know what, I was at a conference on Tuesday the 9th. So she could go in and say professional leave, Tuesday the 9th and she can do that because her supervisor hasn’t yet approved her timesheet. So she could go in and complete it again, you’ll see it will ask the same, it will pop up with the same message. She’ll review that, hit ‘OK’ and now her timesheet is complete again and ready for her supervisor to approve. If you do not have any leave in that two week period as a salaried employee, you would be approving a blank timesheet. Just like you do now, if you don’t take any leave in the month, there’s really nothing to sign off on. So just know that even if you didn’t take any leave, you do still need to go in and hit the complete button at the end of every pay period. And it’s as easy as that. Thank you for tuning in.