Approve Time Sheets (Managers)


This video is to show supervisors how to approve employee timesheets at the end of a pay period.So again, there is a video out there on the TAL Training tab on how to log in to TAL as a manager.Once you’re in there, you will navigate to Manager Tasks, and you will go to Employee Timesheets and select the pay period you need to approve and click Go.Select the timesheet group, note that you might have multiple timesheet groups, but this individual only has one.So then what you’ll see is that this supervisor has several employees, so I only tested a couple of subjects so you are only going to see a couple of employees with completed timesheets for the purposes of this video.You’ll see here that Yanet is an hourly employee, and she had 32 hours of regular time, and 48 hours of exception, so 48 hours of leave, and she totals 80 hours for the pay period.As a full time employee, that is what we expect to see.You can see that you can click here and look at her actual timesheet and you can see her hours worked, you can go day by day if you want to, you can see what time she clocked in and clocked out, you can see what her exception time is here, it is leave taken scheduled.You can go back here using the back arrow.So I looked at her timesheet and it all looks good so I’m going to click approve.So let’s look at a salaried employee.Connie is a salaried employee, she only had 8 hours of exception time, remember that salaried employees only report exception time, so if I am her supervisor and I know she was only out 8 hours during the pay period, then I don’t even have to go to the timesheet, I can see that she completed it, and I can click approve.Once I hit Submit, you’ll see that I now have 2 checkmarks here that indicate that I approved Connie and Yanet’s.Now, let’s pretend that we had all of these timesheets completed and approved and that all of the hourly folks had regular and exception time logged in here and they all look correct.You can even just hit this button up here that says Approve All and all of your timesheets will be approved.If you say whoops, that’s not what I wanted to do, you hit Unapprove All and they are all unapproved.So that is how you review timesheets and approve them as a supervisor at the end of a pay period.