Checking Your Leave Balance


In this video, we will go over how to view you leave balance in the TAL system. Again, remember, I’ve done a video on how to log into the system if you’re hourly or salary, so check that out on the TAL website to see how you get to this point. But, to check on your balances, you would go to ‘Employee Tasks’, ‘Balances’ and here’s where you’ll see a couple of different things. So you’ll see here your ‘Leave Cascading’. If you had a leave request that had been approved by your supervisor; so you’d asked off for 40 hours but we haven’t gotten to that week in the pay period, you would see 40 hours of approved leave here. Now that’s subject to change and because of the ‘Leave Cascading’ rules, depending on whether it comes from a banked holiday, or PTO, or ESL, we don’t where exactly that will come from yet. So that’s why it’s called ‘Leave Cascading’. 

Now when we get down here to the accrual balances, you’ll see balances for PTO, ESL and Holiday; if I had FMLA, I would have FMLA balances down here as well. But you’ll see on the PTO, you’ll see a starting balance of 308 hours. If I had earned any in this pay period already, it would show that here, it would show what I’ve taken in the year and my current balance here. A neat feature of this ‘Balance’ screen is when you click on PTO, it will take you to a breakdown of when you have taken your leave. So if I had taken some leave here, it would have the date and any information about that leave here. So that’s really neat so you can see where you took your leave. And that is it, if you click that ‘Return to Summary Screen’, it will go back to where we were. So that is how you will access your leave balance now. Your leave balance will no longer be on your paystub. It will say to go and look at TAL. And now you know how to go look at it in TAL.