Training Information

Financial Services provides up-to-date campus-wide training on the PeopleSoft Financials application.   
This training is geared towards all end-users of the application.

Please note any security access to the financials system will not be granted until all required classes have been taken.

Training is available on the Library Tab of the OnPoint LMS at or

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Compass Training Manuals

Training Manuals

Training Requirements and Roles

Each class taken builds your Roles and Abilities.  For example, if you need to be able to enter cost transfers, payments, and requisitions you will need to enroll in the following classes:

Introduction to PeopleSoft
Cost Transfer
Procure to Pay

Online Class Class Descriptions Roles and Abilities
Introduction to PeopleSoft This training class is designed to present PeopleSoft to the new user on campus.

This class will help educate the participant about PeopleSoft and introduce the concepts and basic navigation. General information about Financials including budgetary control, chartfield spread information, queries, and how to find information on the  Financial Services website will also be included.
Run Queries, Review Budget Details
Cost Transfer Pre-Requisite: Introduction to PeopleSoft Financials

This training class is designed to present information on how to enter a cost transfer for non-payroll transactions and payroll transactions.  
Run Queries, Review Budget Details, Enter Cost Transfers
Approver Pre-Requisite: Introduction to PeopleSoft Financials

The training classes for approval will be broken up by module.  The training classes will go over the approval of Payments, Requisitions, Cost transfers, and Service Unit Requests (OUHSC Campus Only).

You will only be required to review the training videos for which you are requesting access to.
Run Queries, Review Budget Details, Approve Payments, Requisitions, Cost Transfers, and Service Unit Requests.
Procure to Pay

Pre-Requisite: Introduction to PeopleSoft Financials


Procure to to Pay training will review all the different methods in which goods and services are bought and paid for at OU.  During this training users will become familiar with the ordering through OU Marketplace, the process for creating Requisitions, the process for Receiving on Purchase Orders, the process for creating OnDemands for refund payments, how to add or lookup a Supplier as well as the process for Regular Voucher or invoice payments.  Users who successfully complete the training will be eligible for security access for Departmental AP Entry and Departmental Purchasing Entry.

Run Queries, Review Budget Details, Review Suppliers, Enter Payments ,  Enter Requisitions
Cash Receipts

The Cash Receipts training class consists of a single panel that must be completed to provide the information required by the Bursar to post a receipt to the PeopleSoft Financial System.

Participants will learn how to complete the panel, make corresponding deposits, and verify the deposit has been posted to the system. Tulsa employees will need to obtain permission from the Bursar Manager in order to gain access and/or attend training
Run Queries, Enter Cash Receipts

Additional Manuals and Reference Materials