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OUHSC Costs Criteria

In 1992, the United States Congress modified the criteria used to determine a student's need for federal aid programs. Among other items, the Federal Methodology defines how a student's estimated expenses must be determined.

  • The Office of Student Financial Aid is in no way guaranteeing what a student will spend during his or her program of study. Each component of the estimated cost of attendance is strictly that: an estimate.
  • Expenses of family members other than the student cannot be included in the student's estimated costs. Federal financial aid policy now precludes federal financial aid dollars being used to support a student's family.
  • Child care or dependent care costs can, however, be included in the student's estimated expenses upon request. If you are a student with dependents, these cost figures represent only your share of expenses.
  • An estimate for computer and related expenses is assumed for each first year student, regardless of program. Please verify with your program the specific computer requirements.
  • Books and supplies estimates are gathered from each department or college prior to an award year.
  • Our estimates include the required terms of respective programs. If a student attends an optional Summer term, those costs and additional aid eligibility must be requested by the student.

The expenses listed here, including tuition and fees, are subject to revision and are in no way a guarantee of actual expenses.

Allowable living costs not included here include child care expenses and expenses related to a student's disability.