Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) are received by OUHSC from vendors paying for a variety of services.  Primarily, these are received from Medicare/Medicaid vendors as well as insurance companies; however, it is not limited to patient related receipts.  An EFT may be received for payment of student invoices from third party agencies that are paying tuition and fees.  Additionally, agencies paying grants/contracts may pay the university via an EFT.

Per ACH regulations, an EFT form MUST be completed for the party requesting to send a payment via EFT.  Usually the agency requesting to make payment via EFT has its own form which must be completed by the Bursar’s Office.  Standard information requested includes:

Bank Name and Address
ABA Routing Number
Bank Account Number
EFT Contact
SWIFT Number (for International Wires)* see info below

Departments MUST send the EFT form to the Bursar’s Office for completion of banking data.  The form will be returned to the department for further processing and delivery to the vendor.  If not already requested on the form, the Bursar’s Office will ask the department for a contact person.  This will be provided to the vendor for inclusion in the addenda record of the EFT to assist in the identification of EFT payments received in the Bursar’s Office.  EFT payments received without this information are EXTREMELY difficult to link to a specific department, college, or area.

The Bursar’s Office will retain a copy of the completed EFT form for our records.

Banking information WILL NOT be provided directly to a vendor via email or phone.  All correspondence must be directed through a university department, college or area.

*Banking information for international wires is also provided by the Bursar’s Office.  Prior to requesting the banking information for an international wire, the department, college or area should contact the Foreign National Taxation individual in the Payroll Office to determine if the country from which the payment will be received has an IRS 6166 Certification on file with the university.  This form may exist for countries with tax treaties with the US and will prevent taxes from being deducted by the country sending the payment to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

For additional information, you may contact the Bursar’s Office at (405) 271-2433.