International Transactions

Prior to initiating any sales outside of the United States, the department should contact the Office of Export Controls on the Norman campus to determine if the transaction involves an individual or organization that may be ineligible to receive U.S. origin goods or services.   Please email the name of the individual(s) and/or organization(s) involved, as well as, a street address including city and country to Jessica L. Albertson at or Gretta N. Rowold at

This screening process generally only takes a few minutes, and the Office of Export Controls will provide you with a response via email indicating whether or not the international transaction may proceed.  If the transaction is acceptable, please forward this return email to the SUAUX Accounting mailbox.  Service Unit Accounting will obtain the necessary tax certificate and charge your departmental PeopleSoft chartfield spread for the filing fee (currently $35).  Without the tax certificate, the foreign government may withhold from your payment a value added tax, back up withholding, or other sales related taxes that cannot be reclaimed by the University.