Complete a Time Sheet (Hourly)


In this video, I’m going to go over how to approve a timesheet as an hourly employee. So I’ve already shown you videos of how to log in to the site and how to clock in and out, so once you are in to the TAL site, what you will do is you will go under ‘Employee Tasks’, you’ll select ‘Time Sheet’ and I’m looking for the pay period, the first bi-weekly pay period which is May 31st through June the 13th. So I’ll select that and hit ‘Go’. Now you can see that we’re at the end of the pay period, this employee has already clocked in and clocked out. She’s got her hours here. You can see they’re not always exactly 8 hours a day, she ended up with .25 hours of overtime in the first week and if that was approved by her supervisor, then that’s fine. And then in the second week, she had some leave and then she also had some days that weren’t exactly 8 hours, but you can see that her second week equals just over 40 hours. So she’s got her timesheet completed, now remember you would review this at the end of the day on Friday. Every other Friday and clock out using the web clock if that’s your method of clocking in and clocking out and then you would go to this ‘Employee Tasks’, ‘Timesheet’ and back to that pay period, hit ‘Go’ and you could put a note in here, like so say for that overtime, she could say ‘overtime was for patient care’ to show that that time was approved in advance. Submit that note and you can see that now that note is here. So we can close that window, the notes there and so what she will do, is she will go in and hit this ‘Complete’ button, it’s the button that a piece of paper to the disk. If you hover over it, it tells you exactly what it is. Hit ‘Complete’ and you’ll want to read this message, this is essentially your digital signature so instead of signing a timesheet anymore, you’ll be doing this, so you’ll hit ‘OK’ and you’ll see it changed from ‘Not Approved, Not Completed’ to ‘Not Approved, Completed’ and it tells us that notes exist. So that will tell her supervisor that she’ll need to click on this notes page to see the notes that are there. But, so she’s finished with her timesheet, so that’s all she needs to do. And it’s as easy as that to review your timesheet every other week in the Time, Attendance and Leave system.