Submitting a Leave Request


In this video, I’m going to show you how to do a leave request. This process is the same whether you are salaried or hourly, and there is a video that’s already out there about how to log in to the system that will get you to this point. So what you’ll do is you’ll go to ‘Employee Tasks’ and select ‘Time Off Request’ and here on this time off request, you can either key in the date using the number pad or you can use the calendar feature here. I’m going to ask off for the 25th of May through the 29th of May, going to select ‘Leave Taken Scheduled’, that’s my only option, and if I had FMLA, I would use this second drop down if I was asking off for FMLA time and I would note which FMLA event I was taking off for, but since I’m not asking off for FMLA, I would just leave that second drop down alone. We’ll hit ‘Submit’ and on the second screen, you’ll see that I’m asking off for these five days in the week. It’s during the week of the 24th through the 30th, so that’s why that date range is there. One neat feature that you’ll see here is that Monday is a holiday, it’s the Memorial Day weekend, so it’s not asking me to take any PTO because it’s a holiday, it already knows that. These hours here default to 8 hours because I am a full-time employee working 8 hour days. If I were a part-time employee, say I was a .5 employee, you would see these would be 4 hours, but again I’m full-time so it’s 8 hours. Now let’s say that I wanted to do a partial day, let’s say I wanted to come back at one o’clock on Friday afternoon. I don’t why I would want to do that, but let’s say I did. So I could put in here ‘Family vacation, returning at 1pm on Friday’. That way you’re letting your supervisor know what those 4 hours are on Friday. Now if this was for a surgery or some sort of medical leave, you wouldn’t want to put your personal health information in here. Just remember, your supervisor and your payroll coordinator can see all of the notes that you put in here, so don’t put anything you don’t want anyone else to see. 

So then I will hit ‘Submit’ and you’ll see the notes, and the time that I entered it, it’s got that time stamp. If I return to my time off summary, I can see that I asked off for this date range, the total number of hours, all of my notes are there. You’ll see that the review status in ‘Pending’, meaning my supervisor has not responded to it yet. If they had responded to it, it would say approved or denied. And once it has processed on to my time sheet, this process status would change from pending to processed, so that’s once it’s gone onto my time sheet. If I change my mind, I can delete it here and that would take that leave request out and my supervisor would not have the opportunity to respond to it, to approve or deny. So once you hit ‘Submit’ it triggers an email and a notification to you supervisor, for them to either approve or deny that leave request. And once they make that action, you will also get an email and a notification in the TAL system. Once you take that leave, once we get to that pay period in the system, this leave will automatically populate into you time sheet. And that is it for completing a leave request.