Centralized Accounts Receivable System (CARS)

The University has instituted a process to assist in the monitoring of contractual accounts receivable.  This process requires that all contractual invoices be managed through Service Unit Accounting.  When the contract has been fully negotiated a final copy of the contract must be sent to Service Unit Accounting at CARS@ouhsc.edu along with the CARS Contract Setup Form.   

Departments must submit a billing template for all contracts to be invoiced to Service Unit Accounting.  Departments will prepare the template according to the terms of the contract.  Templates are due to Service Unit Accounting by the 10th of the month for invoicing on the 15th.  Templates and any required supporting documentation are to be sent to CARS@ouhsc.edu.

Accounting Entries

When the invoicing process is completed, you will see the following entry in PeopleSoft.

Debit – Accounts Receivable (150200)
Credit – Revenue

When the cash is received, you will see the following entry in PeopleSoft.

Debit – Cash
Credit – Accounts Receivable (150200)

Available Reports

The following accounts receivable report is available to departments to assist them in ensuring that funds are received.  Run query to either HTML or Excel.  Either search for department %Rad% or click “View Results”.  Click on the customer in question.  At the next screen click on the contract you are searching for.  This will display the status of outstanding invoices including any partial payments.

Query: OU_AR_CARS_AGING                                           

Forms and Tools

Contract Setup Form – Instructions tab is included

Billing Template – Instructions tab is included

Guidelines - Guidelines of naming conventions 

AR Customer Information

The following query will produce a list of existing external customers available in the CARS system.  By leaving the wildcard (%) in the Customer field and clicking on “View Results” a query of all customers will be produced.  To search for a specific customer use the wildcard before and after a key word to produce a list of customers with that word in their name.  For example %Allergy% will bring up OK Allergy & Asthma Clinic.  Verify that the information is correct for your billing.  If the customer is not found in this list submit a request to CARS@OUHSC.EDU including Customer Name, complete Address, Email Address (to send invoices to), contact person and phone number.



As the enterprise wide solution, it is expected that all contracts have been routed through SoonerTrack for internal control purposes.

Remit to address: 

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Aux/Service Unit Accounting
P.O. Box 26901, URP
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0901


Taylor Shepard, Accountant Auxiliary and Service Unit Accounting  (405) 271-2246 X46357

Kathy Riggs, Manager Auxiliary and Service Unit Accounting     (405) 271-2246 X46333