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Cost Share - Types and Definitions

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Cost Sharing or matching, means that portion of project or program cost not borne by the federal government or awarding agency. 2 CFR §200.306 states that for all Federal awards, any shared costs or matching funds and all contributions, including cash and third party in-kind contributions, must be accepted as part of the non-Federal entity’s cost sharing or matching when such contributions meet all of the following criteria:

1. Are verifiable from the non-Federal entity’s records.

2. Are not included as contributions for any other Federal award.

3. Are necessary and reasonable for accomplishment of project or program objectives.

4. Are allowable under Subpart E – Cost Principles of this part.

5. Are not paid by the Federal government under another Federal award, except where the Federal statute authorizing a program specifically provides that the Federal funds made available for such program can be applied to matching or cost sharing requirements of other Federal programs.

6. Are provided for in the approved budget when required by the Federal awarding agency.

7. Conform to other provisions of this part, as applicable.


Further guidance can be found at 2 CFR §200.306.

Principal Investigators (PI’s) and Department Business Managers are responsible for insuring that the University’s cost sharing commitment is fulfilled, for insuring that cost share information is properly entered into PeopleSoft, and for maintaining information and records that support cost certifications.

Required: Mandatory/Committed cost sharing is a condition of the award notice or proposal. Reporting to the sponsoring agency is part of the reporting/closeout process. These shared costs are subject to audit compliance review. Cost share effort must be reflected on the time and effort reports.

Match: Normally requires a 1:1 or specific dollar amount match. These awards are subject to audit compliance review.

In Kind: Non-monetary support from an outside third party.

Promised: Voluntary committed cost share includes a grant award notice/proposal/budget, which indicates a percentage or dollar amount to be provided by OUHSC as an incentive to the awarding agency. This type includes OCAST & Presbyterian Health Foundation awards that exclude the PI from being paid directly by their funding. Cost share effort must be reflected on the time and effort reports.

Volunteer: Voluntary uncommitted cost share is defined as university staff effort that is over and above that which is committed and budgeted for in a sponsored agreement. This cost share has NOT been quantified in a grant award notice/proposal/budget. This effort does not need to be quantified, but cannot be charged to other sponsored funds.

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