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Financial Reporting
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Student Financial Aid
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Endowed Chair Procedures

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

To begin spending from an approved endowed chair fund, a project value must be assigned to the fund.  The department must request a project number from Financial Reporting, and then complete the required ECAV form (Application to Establish a Chartfield Attribute Value – attach link).  Send the form to Holly Allen, Financial Reporting Manager, for approval and to begin the process of establishment of the endowed chair fund into PeopleSoft.

During May of each year, the Financial Reporting Manager will communicate budget information to those responsible for budgeting endowed chair funds.  Beginning in July each fiscal year, funds can be spent from those budgets that were established during May and June.  Throughout the fiscal year, funds are spent and the cash amount within the endowed chair project maintains a deficit balance.  After the close of the fiscal year the cumulative amount of cash spent during the fiscal year is calculated and submitted by Financial Reporting for reimbursement from the State Regents, OU Regents, or the OU Foundation.  When the reimbursement is received, Financial Reporting deposits the funds back into the chartfield spread from which they were spent, thus eliminating the cash deficit from the previous year.