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Faculty & Staff Award Procedure

Saturday, December 26, 2020


All monetary awards given to OUHSC faculty and staff (including residents) must be processed through the biweekly payroll system, with applicable tax withholding applied. These awards include, but are not limited to:

  • Employee of the Month
  • Presidential Professorship
  • George Lynn Cross
  • David Ross Boyd Regents Awards
  • Employee of the Year College/Department specific awards
  • Resident awards

All faculty awards (i.e. Presidential Professorships, George Lynn Cross, David Ross Boyd, Regent’s Awards, etc.) will be paid directly from the Provost Office.

All other departmental/college specific awards require the respective Dean’s Office approval. Those awards should be coordinated through the Dean’s Offices to determine the desired payment procedures (i.e. whether to pay the awards directly from the Dean’s Office, or directly from the individual departments).

PeopleSoft Pay Codes

A specific pay code has been set up in PeopleSoft to be used for all awards. The pay code (AWD) will help identify all awards that are processed, as well as provide a mechanism for charging a reduced fringe rate on the awards. The only fringe benefits applied to awards will be Social Security and Medicare (total FICA cost).

Reimbursement from the OU Foundation

Awards may be reimbursed after the fact from the respective OU Foundation accounts that were previously used for the direct payment of awards. The reimbursement request should be processed through the Foundation’s online payment request system. The amount requested should be the gross award amount plus the current FICA rate. Upon receipt of the check from the OU Foundation, the check should be deposited using GL account 435200 (OU Foundation Income).

Fringe Rate Applied to Awards

Initially upon payment of the award through the biweekly payroll system, the award will be assessed the fringe rate that is applicable to the type of employee that is being paid (i.e. full-time benefit eligible, resident, etc.). Since the actual fringe amount for the award should only be the current FICA rate, a rebate of the excess fringe amount assessed will be done on a quarterly basis to the department that initially paid the award. This rebate will be calculated and processed by Financial Services, and a copy of the transfer of funds will be sent to the respective department that paid the award.