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Student Activity Funds

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

General Information

Student activity fees are earmarked by the State Regents for Higher Education for student governmental, recreational, social, and entertainment programs, health care services and student publications. It is the responsibility of the Regents to see that the student activity fee is utilized to meet needs in these extracurricular areas.

Policies and Procedures

The President of the University, as its chief executive officer, presents recommendations to the Regents on the allocation of all University funds, including the student activity funds. The following are the basic University policies concerning student activity fee allocations of which all Health Sciences Center student organizations should be aware and the foundation upon which the OUHSC policy is developed:

1. The expenditure of student activity fees are subject to university policies and procedures.
2. Any private or self-generated funds which are commingled with activity fees are subject to the same policies and procedures that govern activity fees.
3. All funds received by an account sponsor, student officer or their agent which result from the use of university funds, university facilities or university resources become university funds.
4. All student accounts are subject to audit by Internal Auditing.
5. University and State travel policies and procedures must be followed.
6. All University funded mail must be metered through Central Mail Services; therefore, any organization that purchases stamps will not be able to be reimbursed.
7. Each student council must submit a budget to the Budget Office for the year's proposed expenditures during the Fall semester. The budget must be approved by the college dean or his/her designee or sponsor. The Student Association budget must be approved by the Vice Provost for Academic and Student Affairs or his/her designee.
8. All purchase requests must be supported by requisitions. The requisition must be signed by a faculty or staff member who is the sponsor of the account.
9. Purchases of goods or services must be in accordance with university purchasing policies and procedures.
10. All requisitions must be approved by the dean or his/her designee or account sponsor. Student Association approval by the Vice Provost for Academic and Student Affairs or his/her designee.
11. No student council, student organization, or individual student may obligate the university to any debt or commitment.
12. No student council, student organization or individual student may use the name of the institution without the expressed authorization of the Provost or his/her designee.
13. No student activity funds shall be used to substitute for funds in the institution or college educational budget.
14. No officer or member of a student council or student organization shall receive a salary paid from student activity funds for services provided in the conduct of business of the student group.
15. Officers and members of a student council or student organization may receive reimbursement within university guidelines for out-of-pocket expenditures by submitting an approved request for reimbursement and appropriate receipts. 16. Health Sciences Center accounts will serve as the official depository for all student activity fees and will disburse all student activity funds in accordance with these and other University policies and procedures.
Unauthorized or Restricted Expenditures
1. Personal use items may not be purchased from student activity funds.
2. Travel expense reimbursement will be made according to State guidelines.
3. Purchase of food and beverages for receptions, organizational, and group meetings may be permitted. The purpose of the function will be the determining factor. The intent here is not to restrict the purchase of food and beverages for appropriate student activities, but rather to restrict the purchase of food and beverages for University, student council, or student organization officials or employees. Thus, the purchase of food for a council meeting would be acceptable, while the purchase of lunch for a meeting between the council president and council faculty advisor would not be proper.

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