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Financial Reporting
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Payroll Services
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Student Financial Aid
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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Non-Medical & Non-Technical Publications
State statutes only allow payment for goods and services after products have been received or services rendered.  An exception to this rule is allowed on payment for subscriptions to magazines, periodicals, or books (or for vendors providing the subscription services).  Advance payment is allowed up to six (6) weeks prior to the subscription commencement or expiration period, unless service is at risk of being interrupted, then payment can be made at a reasonable period of time in advance of the six (6) weeks.  In situations where there is risk of interrupted service necessitating payment in excess of six (6) weeks, please contact the Accounts Payable Section prior to payment for documentation requirements.  A university mailing address is required on the subscription.

Medical & Technical Publications
Due to the nature of these publications and when necessary, advance payment is allowed up to six (6) months prior to the subscription commencement or expiration period.  A university mailing address is preferred on the subscription but alternative addressing (e.g., home address) is permitted if the circumstance warrants.

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