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Travel For Non-Employees

Thursday, December 5, 2019


Travel expenses should be part of the consulting agreement – either listed separately in an itemized budget accompanying the consulting agreement or included as part of the fee for service or fee per hour rate in the consulting agreement.  When the invoices are processed, they will either be coded as consulting or professional services depending on the account code that best describes the service performed.  When preparing the budget for the proposal, it is important to ensure that the expenditure is proposed in the correct budget category to eliminate the need to request a rebudget when the invoice is paid.

  Out-of-pocket travel expenses such as taxi’s, shuttles, meals, mileage if traveling by car, etc. may be reimbursed to the speakers/consultants as part of their agreement with OUHSC and should be budgeted and expensed under either the OTHER or CONSULTING budget category.  Receipts for all out-of-pocket expenses must accompany the invoice from the speaker/consultant.  If hotel and/or airfare was paid initially by the speaker/consultant, then these costs should be invoiced along with the fee and be budgeted and expensed as part of their agreement with OUHSC under either the OTHER or CONSULTING budget category. 

Registration, airfare (ATA) and lodging paid directly to vendors by OUHSC for speakers/consultants should be budgeted and expensed under the TRAVEL budget category.


Whether paid directly by OUHSC or reimbursed to the individual, all travel costs for individuals volunteering services are budgeted and expensed under TRAVEL.  As long as they are not compensated, they can be reimbursed using Travel Form 19.  Receipts must accompany the form.


Research participants can be reimbursed using either a Travel Form 19 or Form 3.  If mileage rates and per diem are being paid, a Form 19 should be used for reimbursement.  Expenditures reimbursed using the Form 19 will appear under the TRAVEL budget category.  Receipts must accompany the form.

Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses where the participant is being paid the exact amount of the receipts must be submitted with a signed Form 3.  Expenditures reimbursed using the Form 3 will appear under the OTHER budget category.

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